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A good way to contact us would be via email: or

Downloads and Streaming:

If you don't want a physical CD, downloads work very well for us. The full album and individual tracks are available for download at,  (  Streaming sites such as Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and others offer listeners the opportunity to include Craftedair releases in your daily playlists (check here, and please do follow us on Spotify or whatever site of your choosing!)  Make us a part of your day and we'll earn $0.0001 every time you listen, a win-win for all of us!

To Order Limited Edition CD's (Yes, we do have a small inventory of those shiny plastic discs if you are fortunate enough to still own a player. Great cover artwork by John Butchart, very satisfying to put on your shelf!):

The cost is $18.00 for one cd and $12.00 each for any additional cd's. This includes tax, shipping and handling.  Please allow whatever time you think it may take for the post office to deliver. This of course varies from locale to locale and may depend on the efficiencies and tendencies of your local postmaster.

Payment via paypal, venmo, those kind of things will work and probably fastest. We are very trusting and will also honor personal checks. Please contact our shipping department via email to make arrangements. Let us know what cd's you'd like and put cd request in subject line,



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