A good way to contact us would be via email:

To order CD's:

Two ways to order:


1.  Snail mail, send via post a check to the head of our shipping department:


Douglas McKeehan

2710 E. 22nd Street

Oakland, CA 94601


The cost is $15.00 per cd, which includes tax, shipping and handling. 


Please include your shipping address and the number of copies you would like, although if your check is for a multiple of 15, we can probably figure that out.  Please allow whatever time you think it may take for the post office to deliver. This of course varies from locale to locale and may depend on the efficiencies and tendencies of your local postmaster.


2. Credit card:


Clicking the button below takes you to the Air Craft page of CD Baby, where they handle all credit card processing and mailing of physical cd's. Price is the same. They take some of the money,  it saves us trips to the post office.

Downloads and Streaming:

The full album and individual tracks are available for download at CD Baby (best percentage return for us) and other CD download sites such as iTunes. Streaming sites such as Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and a host of others offer listeners the opportunity to include Craftedair releases in their daily playlists.  Make us a part of your day and we'll earn $0.0001 every time you listen, a win-win for all of us!

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