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Air Craft cast and crew for Divergent Path

Doug McKeehan

Ohio to Norcal. Classical/jazz/world music influences, student of Indian music (Pt. Ram Narayan, A.G. Bhattacharya), film score and audio production. Likes his music to be uncategorizable.

T. Bruce Bowers (1951-2020)
Electric and acoustic violins, synths and programming

Started in Texas to CA to Wisconsin. Original Air Craft. Audio effects engineer extraordinaire, member of many bands including Beat Zero with daughter Yazmin. Also a volunteer firefighter, scuba diver, ski rescue patroller and bike racer. A man of many talents, his was a life well lived.
Jack Dorsey

New York native, long time fixture on the Bay Area jazz scene. Jack has played with everyone from Buddy Miles to Paul Horn. Original member of Air Craft.

Myron Dove
Electric bass

Long time San Francisco Bay area resident. Has played with Robben Ford, Santana, and Stevie Winwood among many others. Master of mixes and all things Pro Tools. Original member of Air Craft.
Kate Lamont
Vocals, 3,4,9

England - Indiana - Norcal Bay Area, Kate strayed from her R&B comfort zone to participate in this project. We were very lucky.
Aaron Germaine
Acoustic bass

Spending the last 20+ years as a hired gun bass player, Aaron has been through all sorts of adventures, travelling the world and learning from the masters.

Matt Eakle
Flutes, 3,4

Many years in Norcal, recently moved to Washington state. Longtime member Dave Grisman band, leads his own group laying a variety of flutes, always with that Matt Eakle focus and energy.
vince delgado.jpg
IMG_0260 copy.jpg
Riffat Sultana
Vocals, 4

Member of distinguished Pakistani vocal family going back many generations, Riffat has toured with her own band Shabaz as well as collaborating with other noted musicians such as Quincy Jones, exploring cross-cultural musical language.
Mads Tolling
Violin, 5, 7

Danish native, 2x Grammy with Turtle Island Quartet. Stanley Clark band, many others. Played Running on MT  as if it were written for him, maybe it was.
Matt Szemela
Violin, 2, 6

Berkeley Symphony, too many credits to mention. Eastern European and classical influences, makes playing in 11/8 time sound easy.
Jim Hurley
Section strings, 8

Livermore CA native, busiest music man in town. Played with many groups, Queen Ida, Ancient Future, Ritchie Blackmore. Very active as a multi-instrument music teacher.
Rayhner Lasserie
Drums, 2, congas, 7

Graduate of the Escuala Nacional de Arte in Havana. Rayhner is in high demand as a drummer and percussionist in his native Cuba, winning first prize in the category drums at La Festa del Juan Jose Aruilles.
Vince Delgado
Riq and Dhumbek, 2

Longime Bay Area percussionist, Vince has played with many on the world music scene including Zakir Hussein and John McLaughlin.
Bruce Kaphan
Mixing engineer

In addition to being an in demand audio engineer Bruce is an accomplished multi=instrumentalist, with a specialty in pedal steel guitar. He's released solo recordings on that instrument and has worked with David Byrne, Jewel, American Music Club, and many others.
John Butchart (1953 - 2015)

A Michigan transplant to Northern California, John passed from this plane way too soon but left us with some beautiful art we are fortunate to be able to share on this album.

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